Music composer and producer for MEDIA broadcasting


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-. Soundtrack for movie ‘IB-Z’. 2014

-. Music graphics for TV magazine ‘Aragón en Abierto’.2013

-. Music for advertisement campaign ‘Cava Reyes de Aragón’. 2013

-. Soundtrack for documentary ‘La cara oculta del Moncayo’ for History Channel2012

-. Music graphics for App Sherpa campaign. 2012

-. Sound graphics for Sever Rozhlas y Olomouc Czech Republic.(2011-2013)

-. Graphics for TV show magazine Sin ir Más Lejos, produced by Factoría Plural for Aragón TV. 2012

-. TSF Radio Noticias (2007-2014). Sound graphics for national portuguese station  TSF Radio Noticias

-. Music applications for corporative media (Videar, Factoria Plural, WAD, Ojito Films) 2010-2014

-. Sound graphics Aragon TV(2009-2014). Produced by Entropy for Aragón TV

-. Vivalty Sudy (2009). Tune for public radio magazine about beer in Czech R

epublic. Produced by  www.studiofontana.com

-. On Air 4. (2007) CD library for media broadcasting . (Fontana Music Library). www.studiofontana.com

-. Panoramas III. (2007), Own production. You can buy it in iTunes CdBaby

-. Office News. (2006) Tune for  japanese News TV (Sintonía S.A).

-. Sounds graphics for  Olomouc Station in Czech Republic (2006).

-. Music pre-production for rock band Tako ‘Donde el viento nos lleve’, ‘Jake’ y ’13′(2002-2007)

-. Tune and sound graphics for Edtion  Gala Aragoneses del Año 2004 Spanish Public TV – TVE. (2004-2006)

-. CD Library for broadcasting media CD TV&Radio News produced by SINTONIA S.A (2001)

-. Library Music for some TV shows of TVE Gente, Jara y Sedal, Informe Semanal, Estadio 2 (1996-2001)

-. Library Music for some TV shows of C+  Lo + Plus y Feria de San Isidro. (2001)

-. Soundtrack for the documentary Entre el Aire y el Agua  Digital +. (2001)

-. Soundtrack for documentary TVE Aragón Aragón Fín de Sigl(2000)

-. Sountrack for documentary TVE Terrarum (2003)

-. Production for band Raspa de Gato.

-. Tune for advertising Fondecabras

-. etc …

All jobs are produced using the newer digital technology. Also we provided professional instrument performers.

The final result is fully professional soundtracks